Who We Are

The National Board's Network to Transform Teaching (NT3) is a community of schools, districts, and states working to ensure every student learns from accomplished teachers every day. As a community, NT3 members are committed to exploring innovative and evidence based practices for bringing accomplished, Board-certified teaching to scale. Together we are working to answer this question: How will we make accomplished, Board-certified teaching the norm?

Why We Exist

Across the country, far too few students achieve at the levels they need to be successful in college, career, and life. We believe that access to high quality learning opportunities should not be the luck of the draw, determined simply by a student’s zip code or the teacher to whom they have been assigned. We know that Board-certified teachers get results. Yet, students' access to this level of instruction remains haphazard.

The systems that support teaching lack the coherence, structure, and resources to ensure quality practice from classroom to classroom and school to school. Schools and districts are often not designed to support teachers along a developmental continuum beginning in pre-service, proceeding through induction, and advancing to accomplished practice and instructional leadership.

Practitioners and scholars alike believe one of the greatest challenges to improving schools is the “lack of agreed-upon definition of what high-quality instruction looks like." However, this definition does exist: the Accomplished Teaching Body of Knowledge represents a professional consensus among educators about what accomplished teachers must know and be able to do in order to improve student learning. (Visit here for more information on the Body of Knowledge)

Since 2013, members have been developing and testing approaches for integrating the Accomplished Teaching Body of Knowledge into professional learning systems so that pursuit of Board certification is deeply connected to teachers' daily practice. NT3 is anchored in the National Board’s longstanding promise to the field to be by teachers, for teachers. Using the Networked Improvement Community model, teachers design interventions and work in partnership with school, district, and state administrators to plan for changes in local systems.

NT3 is Transforming Teaching

By 2020, NT3 will increase the number of Board-certified teachers by 20,000 across over 1,000 schools, 100 districts, and 10 states.

Please visit this page, for more information on the Accomplished Teaching Body of Knowledge.