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NT3 Extranet

Network to Transform Teaching (NT3) Extranet
The Network to Transform Teaching (NT3) Extranet is a web-based data and reporting platform developed by the Institute for Healthcare Improvement (IHI), leaders in utilizing improvement science methodology (the same methodology that NT3 uses to track, monitor, and guide its work). The NT3 Extranet offers a way for sites to not only track progress on measures and capture improvement science work/learning, but to also share in that learning across sites much more easily. More information about the Extranet may be found in this document.

This page contains instructions, resources, and tips for accessing and using the NT3 Extranet. Please reach out to Dereck Norville (dnorville@nbpts.org) with any questions or suggestions.

Accessing the NT3 Extranet

Once you have registered for the NT3 Extranet, please use this link to log in using your credentials.

Resource Documents

Overview of Routines and Dates

Resource Videos