District Strategy

2017-18 NT3 District Driver Diagram

Our district aim is to implement improvements to policies and practices to strengthen teaching quality by building coherence across the continuum through policies and practices that enable more teachers to engage with the Body of Knowledge (BoK) and pursue Board certification.

We will see progress through:

  • X% of professional learning led by accomplished teachers

  • X% of defined and compensated teacher instructional leader roles held by Board-certified teachers

  • X% of teachers in defined and compensated teacher instructional leader roles pursuing board certification

  • X% of new teachers are actively engaged with ATLAS and National Board standards

  • X% of new teachers are actively coached or mentored by Board certified teachers

  • X% of fourth year teachers beginning their pursuit of Board certification

  • X% of teachers have access to pursuing Board certification embedded into their supports and schedules

  • X% of schools have at least one active cohort of teachers pursuing Board certification


Change Ideas

Strengthen the support new teachers receive to engage with the body of knowledge, develop into accomplished practitioners, ready to pursue and achieve board certification

  • Grow the number of mentor teachers who are Board-certified and supporting current mentors to pursue Board certification

  • Integrate BoK into teacher development practices in induction programs in districts

  • Adapt induction programs for 2nd and 3rd year teachers to serve as a bridge to board certification in their fourth year

  • Funding to support induction programs anchored in the BoK

  • Establish preference for Board certified teachers, or those who commit to pursue, in mentor selection process

Integrate standards for accomplished practice and pursuit of board certification into teachers’ work

  • Pilot school-based cohorts of teachers pursuing Board certification as their anchor for professional learning and growth for the year

  • Encourage pursuit of Board certification as an approach to annual professional growth plans

  • Align local / state teaching standards with National Board Standards

  • Embed compensation increases for Board certified teachers into local salary schedules

  • Make federal Title I and Title II and other professional development funding available to districts and schools to support certification

Leverage the instructional expertise of accomplished teachers to lead professional learning of their in-service colleagues

  • Develop/expand career lattices to include a variety of teacher leadership roles with priority to Board-certified teachers

  • Fund leadership development activities for Board-certified teachers to build leadership knowledge and skills

  • Create formal roles for NBCTs to serve in instructional leadership roles

  • Mobilize Board-certified teachers as instructional leaders to facilitate in-service professional learning, including though not limited to supporting teachers pursuing Board certification in school-based cohorts

  • Support current teacher leaders to pursue and achieve Board certification, integrating professional teaching standards in their teaching and leadership work

  • Preference for pre-service and in-service mentors is given to NBCTs

  • Develop trainings to support instructional leaders to anchor their work in the accomplished teaching body of knowledge